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Cowes Week 2023 with Musto

What a week!! I’ve just come back from an amazing Cowes Week and I’m feeling the holiday blues

My purpose of the week was to parade around in my t-shirts (the official Cowes Week merchandise in collaboration with Musto), hold an exhibition on the Wednesday evening at the Musto store and just have fun. Plenty of the latter.

The t-shirts nearly sold out on day one. We knew they looked really cool but none of us could have expected them to sell as well as they did. The Musto team spoke to multiple people who had made long journeys just for a t-shirt. Thank you.

My exhibition on the Wednesday evening was great! It had been horrendous weather all day but managed to brighten up just as we were opening. Thank you to everyone who made a special effort to come and see me. I must say, I was grateful not to be exhibiting in a tent on the parade all week as the weather was certainly not up to scratch.

I wasn’t racing but I did manage to get out on the water which just topped it all off. I’m feeling so inspired! I’ve got a plan for my next collection already… My biggest achievement of the week, however, was acquiring a red hat at the Mount Gay party (if you know you know). I have a couple of weeks to rest then it’s time for Dartmouth Regatta! See you there.


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