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Up to 97% of sails end up in landfill

One of my popular new ventures is creating my classic contemporary sailing paintings on recycled sails so they can live on for years to come.

What I do

The more memories we create on our beloved sailing boats, the more we bond with our sails and when it's time to say goodbye, we just can't seem to let them go. "Perhaps one day I'll get it made into a bag or repurposed into a new sail..." Long story short, they end up in a mouldy heap at the back of the garage.

Well here's where I come in. Send me your sail along with some photographs from your adventures and I'll clean up the sail, stretch it over an aluminium frame and capture those precious memories in paint. You can display your sail pride of place in the house where it will no doubt live a much happier life.


What if I don't have a sail?

If you don't have your own sail to send over, don't worry I have plenty in the studio. You can still play your part in recycling a new sail by either purchasing a painting from my Sails on sails collection or commissioning something on one of my stock sails. 

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