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About me

Summer Jane Art was launched in 2021 after finding a lack of enthusiasm studying biological sciences at university. I was always creative but lost all love for art when I discovered that studying the subject had little to do with freedom and creativity and far more to do with deep meanings and far fetched justifications. 

I was reunited with my passion during my second year of university, when COVID turned lectures into online PowerPoints and biology no longer filled the void in my heart. Biology isn't me. Creating is.

I have spent my whole life on the Devon coast, with the water as my playground. The aim of my artwork is to capture the excitement and energy of sailing and present it on canvas in a contemporary style. I want you to look at my paintings and be instantly transported to that very moment on the water. It has taken some experimenting to get to this point, but I am so in love with my unique style. 

Over time, my signature, SJM, has become bolder and more confident in my paintings. I like to incorporate my SJM into the compositions, using it to confidently fill empty gaps or to draw attention to a specific zone.

You’ll also notice that in all my paintings, I include a signature pop of orange. My paintings don't look finished without the zingy orange splash. The fact it shouldn't be there just means it should.

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Random facts about me

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